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Home Renovation Tips: There’s No Replacement for a Great Plumber

Home Renovation Tips: There’s No Replacement for a Great Plumber

Doing up a property that needs a lot of work can be a satisfying endeavour and although the work may be hard, the hours long and your arms aching, you look forward to the day you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

All projects are different and there may be some cost or time cutting measures that work well, but when the house you are attempting to make habitable needs full modernisation, plumbing and all, there is no substitution for a great plumber. A fact that many people have to learn the hard way.

What do I mean by a great plumber? My ideal plumber for a major project is a multi-tasker. I want one plumber, or at least one firm to provide all plumbing services. From the nuts and bolts of drainage, central heating, radiators, hot water tanks and toilet cisterns; to the craft of planning, designing and fitting a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom – I want one plumber for everything.

A great plumber should be a good communicator and able to work alongside you and your other trades people: if it’s a major project you could be spending quite a bit of time together, so some basic people skills are a must.

Attention to detail. If you are installing a new bathroom or kitchen you want the finished result to be flawless, and with the pared down luxury look of many modern bathrooms, little mistakes or corner cutting can really show up. Find someone who knows the difference between good enough and perfect, and why it matters.

And reliable. No project goes to plan if the people you rely on to provide specialist skills can’t keep to schedule or turn up on time. Simple professionalism from your team goes a long way when you are under pressure.

If you find a plumber or plumbing firm who meet all these requirements, keep hold of them! Or try Stewart Domestic Plumbing.

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