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Choose Your Weapon – Anode rod to save your water heater

While you’re showering or doing the dishes the metal rod inside the water heater might be sacrificing itself in order to protect your water heater and keep it running for a few more years. This rod is a simple steel core wire coated with another metal like magnesium/aluminum/zinc. This rod is inserted through an opening on the outside of your water heater so as to form a connection between anode rod and inner walls of the tank. The working of which is an electrochemical process which is the main reason for the safety of your water heater. Let’s understand this technical term from corrosion. This natural electrochemical process in which metals are oxidized results in their deterioration. This happens when electrons flow away from the metals by way of an electrolyte, causing actual metal loss that can create a hole through the side of a hot water heater’s tank.

This process continues to occur so that the anode rod has to fight again and again. Since anode rod is made from more active metals the electron loss of the anode is far greater than that of the less active steel water heater. Anode rod will rust away and will leave your tank unprotected. If you have your water heater inspected and maintained every year, it should be easy to catch a dwindling anode rod in time. Most anodes last for about five years depending on the hardness of your water and how much hot water you use.

So there are three types of water heater anode rod and are as below:

1. Magnesium anodes: It is the most common material used in modern water heaters, and it does an effective job of preventing rust, but it also has a weakness – hard water. While magnesium rods will still work in areas with hard water, they’ll break down much faster.

2. Aluminum anodes: These stand up much better to hard water, but have some certain risk. Aluminum exposure can cause health problems and may increase the risk of developing conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. So one should avoid drinking hot water from the taps.

3. Zinc anode:
These rods are actually made mostly of aluminum, but they contain a small amount of zinc to help counteract any sulfur odors that might be lurking in the tank.

So if you need to inspect or replace the anode rod in your water heater, schedule an appointment with Stewart Domestic Plumbing’s trusted plumber before it’s too late.

Take care of plumbing repair – putting it off could cost more

Like our electrical and home interior systems, our plumbing systems are rarely given a second thought – until there is a problem. Here at Stewart Domestic Plumbing, we suggest that every homeowner should opt for regular plumbing inspections from a qualified plumber who can then advise or repair as necessary. However, most of the time homeowners simply ignore these issues and there can be countless reasons to put off plumbing repair. Perhaps they are short on cash and can’t accommodate a plumber or they don’t have time and wait for repairing instead. With so many modern day demands we can ignore leaks or general maintenance and wait for things to escalate. Neglecting minor repairs often results in bigger problems down the road, these are often much more expensive to deal with.

Deferred maintenance can haunt you
Most people think that a leakage problem from a pipe or a few drops of water from tap are no big deal, right? Do you know as per EPA’s recent Water Sense Program, a single leak from the tap can waste 10,000 gallons of water per year! Think about what it means to your water bill – paying for the water that gets wasted. In addition to this a leak from the pipe can damage your kitchen or bathroom’s structure. If this causes serious damage, you will have to repair the kitchen or bathroom as well as having a plumbing issue to address.

Prevention of health issues or diseases
Ignoring a plumbing issue can reach far beyond your pocketbook. Mildew can promote respiratory problems and biofilm in pipes can be responsible for a number of noxious diseases. If you don’t want to let these problems arise the choice is obvious – call a professional plumber. The good ones have a wealth of experience and can bring your property back up to a safe standard.

With a professional you can have peace of mind
If you have a sudden plumbing problem, or have been trying to forget about an ongoing one – don’t wait any longer. Simply phone Stewart Domestic Plumbing on 07985 590 012.

Kitchen fitting

Home Renovation Tips: There’s No Replacement for a Great Plumber

Doing up a property that needs a lot of work can be a satisfying endeavour and although the work may be hard, the hours long and your arms aching, you look forward to the day you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

All projects are different and there may be some cost or time cutting measures that work well, but when the house you are attempting to make habitable needs full modernisation, plumbing and all, there is no substitution for a great plumber. A fact that many people have to learn the hard way.

What do I mean by a great plumber? My ideal plumber for a major project is a multi-tasker. I want one plumber, or at least one firm to provide all plumbing services. From the nuts and bolts of drainage, central heating, radiators, hot water tanks and toilet cisterns; to the craft of planning, designing and fitting a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom – I want one plumber for everything.

A great plumber should be a good communicator and able to work alongside you and your other trades people: if it’s a major project you could be spending quite a bit of time together, so some basic people skills are a must.

Attention to detail. If you are installing a new bathroom or kitchen you want the finished result to be flawless, and with the pared down luxury look of many modern bathrooms, little mistakes or corner cutting can really show up. Find someone who knows the difference between good enough and perfect, and why it matters.

And reliable. No project goes to plan if the people you rely on to provide specialist skills can’t keep to schedule or turn up on time. Simple professionalism from your team goes a long way when you are under pressure.

If you find a plumber or plumbing firm who meet all these requirements, keep hold of them! Or try Stewart Domestic Plumbing.

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